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Dear Participant,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the international network of „World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations“. About 1.500 likeminded scientists, artists, politicians, religious leaders and other personalities around the world participate in this initiative to promote a culture of dialogue among people belonging to different civilizations, cultures and religions. What unites them is a firm belief in human dignity and equal rights of all mankind and of all nations and religions no matter whether they are big or small. Cultural and religious diversity is not an obstacle for mutual respect and understanding; it is an asset for our global heritage.

Therefore the international network of WPF-DC provides you with the possibility to exchange ideas and views with friends from nearly all civilizations and religions around the world, striving like you for love and peace among all human beings. You can communicate through the network with the other participants in various ways: you may open a debate on an idea or proposal; you may respond to questions raised by the World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations as well as by other participants, you may draw the attention of the other participants to interesting publications, in particular on the web.

An important function of the network is the possibility to call for urgent action. When ever mutual respect and mutual understanding is at stake and a clash of civilization may prevail over dialogue, we can stand together and take action against dangerous developments.

Let me also stress that we are grateful for any suggestion for improvement of the network and its internet forum.

I am looking forward with great optimism and enthusiasm for our cooperation in the network!

Best regards,

Walter Schwimmer,
Chairman of the International Coordination Committee,
World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations

Dear Friends,

World civilization interacts through purposeful communication and rational activity aimed at implementation of higher ideals and values of human existence. The Dialogue of Civilizations unfolds the moment when people start to live according to the laws of mutual respect and cooperation. Dialogue should lead to interaction of civilizational identities, and not to their destruction. It helps to shape new approaches to the current problems and find new solutions to them.

We base our concept on the postulate that the civilization dialogue can be carried out only by individuals and public associations, and not state institutions, because of their understandable engagement by ruling leadership which, on the whole, form the so-called “national interests”. World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” (WPF DC) has never set itself the goal of working out specific political recommendations that could be related with such “national interests” of one or another state. Even representatives of state structures or intergovernmental organizations, who participate in our work, speak and act in their own name, not in the name of their countries. Furthermore, the point is not so much in the fear of being used for private purposes as in understanding that a civilization and a state are two different notions, and their frontiers do not coincide. We see our goal in fostering Dialogue and circulating the experience among civilizations of the regions where it is traditional. Onwards, to offer it where it can be accepted as an essential component of the interaction process that cannot be standardized and turned into a must, as well as to encourage it in those regions where the tradition of the open Dialogue has been interrupted or has not been built up yet for the reason of global political and economic processes, like erasure of historic borders, labour migration, inter-ethnic clashes, etc. The work of the WPF DC is aimed, above all, at creation of organizational, practically relevant forms of network interaction and cooperation. As of today WPF DC is focusing on organization of a network of regional dialogues (regional platforms) and organizational mechanisms for their interaction. That is where our main efforts are concentrated.

The internet network of WPD-DC, coordinated by our Vienna Headquarters under the responsibility of the Chairman of our International Coordinating Committee and former Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Walter Schwimmer, is complementary to our inter-cultural and inter-religious conferences, in Rhodes, Amman, Manama (Bahrain), New Delhi, Moscow, Paris, Prague, St.Petersburg, Tampere, Varadero (Cuba) and Yerevan. The internet network gives us the possibility of a permanent dialogue and not only the exchange of views but of common action in the case of need.  I would like to thank you for joining the network and interacting with already 1500 likeminded personalities around the world.

Diana Orlova, Director
Vienna Headquarters WPF-DC

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